Opel Adam 2020 Specs And Review

Opel Adam 2020

Burnside St., 532-Kenneth and Brenda Barr to Carolyn T. Shenk, $822,500.

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
Price and Release date

Opel Adam 2020

Chester Ave., 407-Susan J. Larson to Ellan Martz, $680,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 444-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to James and Debra S. Bird, $1.64 million.

Harbor Dr., 517-Robert J. and June M. Blaszkiewicz to Louise A. Bower, $426,000.

Opel Adam 2020

Hidden River View Rd., 3417-Karen J. Everett to Woodrow C. Paik and Eva S. Domotorffy, $1.22 million.

Mooring Point Ct., 4-Stephen H. and Jennifer H. Rogers to Daniel and Brynn Laird, $325,000.

Riverside Dr., 622-Elvira Capuco Brundage and Benedict Paul Capuco to Kathryn H. and Jonathan J. Brinsfield, $1.16 million.

Silopanna Rd., 34-Matthew C. and Gary W. Bukley to Jaclyn San Miguel and Maria Luisa M. Lucero, $360,000.

Timber Creek Dr., 1007-Marcus M. and Christine M. Linde to Shawn P. and Jennifer Barber, $393,900.


Clubhouse Village View, 855-Lydia Hegel and Michael Steven Huhn to Thomas Eugene Melton and Sandra A. Moores, $450,000.

Epping Way, 304-Kimberly Ann Madigan to Edward J. and Marylynne Burns, $575,000.

Mastline Dr., 1024-Deborah L. Smith to Martha Shafer, $549,000.

Pinewood Dr., 598-Karen A. Davis and John A. Roach to Jeffrey C. Bankert, $460,500.

Riva Rd., 2572, No. 1B-Laurie J. Kipple to James H. Cunningham, $180,000.

Ships Bell Ct., 948-Patricia A. Garrett to Molly Ruby Higgins, $264,900.

Sumner Rd., 224-Brett William Addington to Cyrus Benjamin Maxwell Burkhardt Sedjhi, $410,000.

Warners Terr. N., 2001, No. 311-Andrew C. and Samantha M. Long to Jacob Jones, $280,000.

Yardarm Lane, 910-Timothy J. Martin to Alva Chastain, $362,000.

Admirals Ridge Dr., 116-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Dominic Joseph, $474,490.

Blue Fox Way, 945-Beverly A. Centrowitz to Jae L. and Salvador C. Ramirez, $360,000.

Dividing Creek Rd., 735-Kevin and Alexandra E. Wehling to Susan McDonough, $320,000.

Keeling Ct., 1198-Gybeset Investments Corp. to Sarah N. Bartolotta, $400,000.

Quaker Ridge Ct., 579-Thomas O. and Melinda M. Bowling to Lauren M. Behringer, $299,900.

Ternwing Dr., 342-Richard E. Solomon to Priti Kandhari, $263,000.

Church St., 209-Art Homes Corp. to Alexandra J. Gehly, $245,000.


Beachfield Rd., 1780-Beachfield Road Corp. to Michael James Richardson, $325,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1338-Erika Colombo to Adalberto Carreon III, $260,000.

Middletown Rd., 1443-Scott J. and Susan E. Gardner to Cesar Mencia Reyes and Lorena J. Grijalva, $595,000.

River Bay Rd., 1122-Arnold B. Capstick to Steven Craig Huber, $1.62 million.

Sloping Woods Ct., 305-Casey T. Prince to Rion A. Scott and Sufiya Abdur Rahman, $289,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 844-John L. Barrett to Benjamin Patrick Flury and Laura Pezzullo, $359,900.

Bay View Pkwy., 5711-Beverly C. Matthews to Jared A. Johnson, $315,000.

Copley Ct., 1740-Wesley Booth to Talmadge Jackson, $205,000.

Farlow Ave., 1570-Michael J. and Patricia A. Lapinski to Daniel S. and Kirstin J. Harnos, $530,000.

Nassau Dr., 1413-John P. Pastore and Danielle D. Fiore to Subir Pradhan, $365,000.

Notely Lane, 2213-Joan A. Flake and acreage of Glade F. Flake to Anika and Lucien Joe, $199,000.

Rockland Ct., 1225-Luis A. Rivera to Charlotte D. Murphy, $275,000.

Tipton Dr., 1710-Paul D. and Deborah E. Gammill to Kevin J. and Kevin Hamlin, $515,000.

Wickford Ct., 1160, No. 10F-Giorgios Dino Stratakos to Jonathan C. Rowley, $220,000.

Suburban Way, 1310-Jeffrey and Diane Cislo to Michael A. and Deborah A. Scalice, $792,000.

Stoney Point Way, 1419-Jaimeson R. and Amy L. Warrick to Megan M. Murphy, $205,000.

Central Ave. W., 413-Michael L. and Stacey E. Fletcher to Matthew, Tina M. and Daniel B. Gordon, $445,000.

First Ave., 6011-Viginia L. and William D. Shapiro to Russell Green, $375,000.

Cassia Ct., 2803-Olaf G. and Karen W. Haugen to Andrew J. and Lauren N. Cross, $659,900.

Edgewater Dr., 221-Hong Chen to Jeffrey D. Sessions and Elizabeth A. Howle, $1.24 million.

Hamlet Cir., 305-Thomas C. and Catherine G. Priester to Marlene M. Noshay, $350,000.

McAfee Lane, 405-Donald R. and Cynthia H. Anderson to Matthew Ryan and Laura Plyler, $476,000.

Penwood Dr., 418-Joseph Daniel and Gay Adams Gauvreau to Dawn L. Linderman, $475,000.

Ridgeville Rd., 1910-Dominic G. and Marina C. Devol to Joseph W. Dintino, $330,000.

Tilden Way, 242, No. 7-David A. Woodside to Neel B. and Praganesh Patel, $315,000.

Autumn Valley Lane, 932-Dawn M. and Bruce W. Thomason to Brian Neile Chittum, $251,559.

Greer Ct., 1801-James A. and Desiree Cheek to Cameron C. and Christina M. Rockey, $575,000.

Lanham Lane, 1102-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Christopher Brown, $521,652.

Opel Adam 2020
 New Review

Opel Adam 2020

Macmullen Dr., 2415-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Soot Hugh and Whitney Heather Graham, $495,500.

Wigeon Way, 1404, No. 102-Thomas A. Lillis to Elaine W. and Melvin R. Racey, $245,000.

Baylor Rd., 637-L. Clifton O’Connor and acreage of John J. Callahan to Yisell Helena and Lionel Joel Martinez Rodriguez, $255,000.

Carolyn Rd., 701-Bass Homes Corp. to Shannon Middleton, $324,900.

Delmar Ave., 732-Robert Fitzberger to Betty L. and Franklin D. Langrehr, $225,000.

Foxfarm Lane, 7802-Robert and Melissa Sooklal to Donte L. Green, $258,000.

Ingram Ct., 440-Louise E. Bohuslav to Samantha J. Simmons, $150,000.

Lorimer Rd., 1608-Kavitha Bala to Alyssa Jones, $224,900.

Mapledale Ave., 27-Randell Wayne and Jeff Brian Noseworthy to Cody D. Brown, $279,000.

Rose Ave., 406-Residential Value Corp. to Hector Manuel Villalta Castillo, $249,000.

Saunders Way, 1726-Vuong Nguyen to Charles E. and Rachelle M. Cooper, $232,000.

Wisdom Ct., 1048-Matthew A. and Emily O. Vogel to Samuel L. Selvidge, $280,000.


Beaghan Dr., 333-Patrick C. and Ashley K. Smail to Maria M. Brooks, $286,000.

Cork Rd., 361-Michael Riddle to Jose Luis Lopez, $255,000.

Furnace Dr., 1618-Ricky Allan Miles and acreage of Dorothy A. Miles to Tyler C. and Coty E. Smootz, $350,000.

Hollywood Dr., 117-Marcella G. Parish and acreage of Doris E. Gunther to Michael W. Shackle Jr., $200,000.

Opel Rd., 638-Cattail Investments Inc. to Scott and Allison Henk, $355,000.

Shelton Ave., 8011-Krystal L. Wolf to Philip Louis and Dorothy M. Miller, $389,900.

Stonehouse Run Dr., 7577-Rebecca Anderson and Rebecc Friler to John C. Gentile and Janine Coppola, $335,000.

Water Fountain Way, 110, No. 103-Brian Plattenburg and Carlos Raymon Deonne Plattenburg to Stephenie Lynn Provonche, $115,000.

Willow Bend Dr., 418-Heather Foley to Leon S. Calhoun Jr., $300,000.

Crystal Brook Way, 7761-JT Homes Corp. to You Jin Park and Kyeong Ae Lim, $450,000.

Fredericksburg Rd., 2705-NVR Inc. to Leilani Houston, $497,000.

Hekla Lane, 1627-Calatlantic Group to Randy Drayton and Jaclyn Martin, $509,000.

Richmond Way, 2661-NVR Inc. to Kaitlin Beverly and Kristofer Ziegler, $404,545.

Elbridge Ct., 7331-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Daniel Rossell, $663,089.

Autumn End Pl., 116-Juan K. and Tracie D. Lee to Stephen P. Sarkodie, $299,000.

Federalsburg S., 258-Stephanie M. and Anthony Reliford to Jose M. Nieto Cruz and Napoleon Lopez, $360,000.

Old Channel Rd., 3043-Christyna C. Bobrick to Marion K. Turay, $379,900.

Spice Bush Rd., 3024-Robert L. Rogers to John Kwadwo Asare, $323,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3529-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Marella R. and Rowena R. Camello, $409,990.

Fairmount Rd., 548-Clovis Maniel and Christine Calvert Blanton to Matthew and Kelly Gibala, $420,000.

Longcross Rd. S., 109-Jennifer M. and Jason Noyes to Daniel M. and Susan M. Cryan, $375,000.

Boiling Springs Ct., 949-American International Relocation Solution to Andrew Tyler and Samantha Phipps Howard, $769,900.

Chalet Cir. E., 238-Leah L. Smith to Ryan Flannery, $236,250.

Horicon Point Dr., 8005-Daniel G. and Deborah Miller to Louis Michael and Charlene B. Milan, $670,000.

Marianna Dr., 476-NVR Inc. to Michael and Linda Greenwell, $470,145.

Pumphreys Farm Dr., 707-Charles D. and Darlene L. Keesler to Eldon and Lorine Smith, $620,000.

Walnut Ave., 1065-Patrick D. and Willow M. Prostko to Robert J. Waltman II, $395,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2444, No. 303-Douglas Thomas and Crystal Koler to Katelynn Hutchinson, $230,000.

Broad Wing Dr., 2890-Arundel Neighborhoods Corp. to Lenee Morina, $858,032.

Chessington Dr., 360-Brian and Stephanie Joyce to Natasha Gilmore, $340,000.

Gatehouse Lane, 306A-Jill K. Hammock to Citrine Warren Jr., $195,000.

Killarney Terr., 2435-Susan Bucka Taylor to Christopher Daniel Hippen, $387,000.

Militia Ct., 2004-Benlee Corp. to Aaron Smothers, $301,500.

Piscataway Run Dr., 2702-Susan M. Speiss to Kathleen Emiko Hayashi and Adam C. Crown, $359,000.

Railbed Dr., 1037-Daniel W. and Yildiz Sulleiman Voyles to Alyson K. Sandul, $378,000.

Saint Barbara Lane, 493-David Gerald and Kristine Wolfe to Willie L. Wilkins III, $350,000.

Star Stella Dr., 1564-Andrew J. and Sharon M. Gillespy to Rey A. Rivera Lopez and Esther R. Rivera, $672,500.

Thornwood Dr., 723-John and Jillian Vardy to Gary and Martine Steele, $540,000.


Allen Ave., 1016-Christopher Junkins and Cynthia Bischoff to Tyler J. Phillips and Catherine Perez, $339,900.

Bay Front Dr., 315-Gordon H. and Jo Ann Prager to Mohan Menon and Lekshmy Sekhar, $940,000.

Opel Adam 2020
 New Concept

Opel Adam 2020
First Drive

Chadwick Ct., 3616-Shad A. and Elizabeth A. Meadows to William A. and Betty A. Urban and Jennifer Angela Adkins, $227,000.

Cool Spring Ave., 904-Leslie Eugene and Rebecca Nicole Winget to Stephen Rice, $278,000.

Daydream Crescent, 8337-US Home Corp. to Meena George and Danielle Marie Salama, $300,751.

Hilda Ave., 8385-Thelma Hayes to Hannah Noel and Tanner Wills, $259,000.

Jersey Bronze Way, 502-Farmington Village to Gayle D. Kirchenbauer and Kelly Lynn Latham Pizarro, $551,908.

Lee Dr., 7714-Wills Acreage Investments Corp. to Bryan K. Yanchetz and Sheri Garrison, $410,000.

New Bedford Harbour, 8674-Gordon D. and Kristen G.A. Lavoie to Emily Lauren Nicole Adams and Damien David Bond, $230,000.

Quailwood Lane, 8409-Andrew J. and Kristy M. Miller to Renata Schmitt, $559,900.

Scorton Harbour, 8661-Sean C. and Angela Kern to Jennifer Tippett, $247,000.

Swift Rd., 801-Randall J. and Trisha M. Surakus to Stephen T. Lezinski and Kate A. Laport, $475,000.

Villa Isle Ct., 1208-Joseph R. Krycia to Gregory Franklin and Angel Jolenz A. Franklin, $675,000.

Woods Rd., 783-Philomena K. Basil to Richard Brown Jr. and Justine Antonishek, $325,000.

229th St., 2200-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Katelynn T. Stanley, $229,000.

Arlington Ct., 303-Russel A. and Ganniga R. Davis to Matthew S. and Gerna B. Bernard, $525,000.

Carriage Lamp Ct., 1745-Valencia Absolute Property Corp. to Kendall Watkins and Brittney Hamlett, $290,000.

Citadel Dr., 7950-Todd J. and Sheana G. Gillis to James Ronald and Shelly Gwene Hemig, $381,000.

Council Oak Dr., 326-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to David and Tracy Burke, $281,000.

Montreal Rd., 1834-Troy J. and Michelle Mayers to Usame and Merve Tak, $310,000.

Pecan Leaf Rd., 7708-Eric Quarles to Jamal and Caitlynn Upshaw, $350,000.

Sara Ave., 1808-Pride Homes Corp. to Anthony John Garcia, $394,000.

Telegraph Rd., 7885-Nationwide Title & Abstract Corp. to William J. Parsons and Brianna L. Tiedeman, $273,684.

Arundel Beach Rd., 432-John C. and Roberta L. Famula to Tobias and Babette Glister, $1.7 million.

Berrywood Dr., 101-Drew S. Kasper to Rodney A. and Karen Townsley Jarrett, $532,500.

Dividing Rd., 769-David Blanchard and Marie Louise Mueller to James C. and Claire M. Taylor, $675,000.

Hartman Dr., 378-James T. and Stacy W. McCormack to Christopher and Mary Grimm, $530,000.

Robinson Station Rd., 629-Jay Therron and Lisa A. Brown to Christopher George and Mariane Krupar, $553,000.

Sequoia Rd., 39-Saadia J. Malik to Gregory and Kelly Nedved, $518,000.

Stratford Dr., 84-Jane Frances Flynn Kaiser to Scott and Stacey Bell, $395,000.

Wilderness Rd., 295-Krista L. and Nicholas A. Vernon to Yangkai Chen, $485,000.

Juniper St., 1207-Jessica Goodman to Justin D. and Haley L. Taylor, $330,000.

Steamboat Rd., 1299-Paul C. and Elizabeth Ann Rogers to David A. Peters, $279,900.

Howard County

These sales abstracts recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For advice about added residential absolute acreage transactions, appointment washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Boca Raton Dr., 10367-James M. and Jennifer M. McDonald to Milan and Preeti Aggarwal, $700,000.

Burnside Dr., 10214-Robert G. and Karen M. Stone to Himanshu Gupta, $465,000.

Farside Rd., 11838-Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Danny J. Bell, $500,000.

Frederick Rd., 11805-Capital One and Altisource Solutions Inc. to Omar K. and Amina O. Khan, $742,875.

Grosvenor Dr., 3827-Dean R. and Tracy D. Fisher to Hemang, Janaki, Dilip and Shitalben Patel, $646,000.

Legends Way, 2657-Jean Marie McCully and Mary E. Goshell to Edward L. and Nicole F. Doetsch, $521,750.

Links Ct., 2733-Richard B. and Barbara L. Rosoff to Hima Tadimeti and Umashankar Kotturu, $890,000.

Old Fence Ct., 3243-Patricia M. Homberg to Suk Min Joo and Sun Hee Kim, $434,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2822-Christopher Dowd to Christopher Jason and Norma Borrero Stickles, $450,000.

Tanya Ct., 10038-James A. and Tamara D. Mays to Jessica L. and Nathaniel P. Wolfram, $550,000.

Windflower Dr., 9172-Gloria Moon to Yuehua Yuan and Cindy Huang, $582,000.

Brighton Dam Rd., 13155-Richard Harry and Julianna Marlene Wagener to Tige A. and Julia Johnson Young, $1.23 million.

Flutie Lane, 6127-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ethan T. and Jessica L. Andreas, $828,230.

Sandy Creek Ct., 6904-Milton J. and Carol D. Hall to Hua Wang and Chun Chieh Yang, $755,000.

Cradlerock Farm Ct., 7003-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Alexander R. Bew and Kelsey A. Stone, $299,000.

Harbor Lane, 7207, No. 3-4-Gracie Bradford to Edgar Dale Rowton and Mark Zawodny, $280,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9464-Theresa Ann Hutchison to Antaun Bernard and Nina N. York, $255,000.

Majors Lane, 6067, No. 4-Charles W. and Shirley M. Nunley to Theodora C. Coleman, $155,500.

Orchard Green, 5179-Trever P. Travis to Chanyun and Chanhee Park, $335,000.

Riding Hood Cir., 7250-Rosalie E. Lijinsky to Leslie Renetta Grant, $410,000.

Spiral Cut, 8852, No. M-Gregory Jack Drake to William B. Wiemers III, $124,500.

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
Concept and Review

Barcan Cir., 10367-Bradley M. Canfield and acreage of Karen B. Canfield to Scott Andrew and Rebecca Weibert, $332,500.

Bryce Overlook Ct., 11740-Barry M. and Rena L. Dubin to Miaochan Zhi and Thomas E. Weimar, $728,000.

Early Lily Row, 6516-Todd C. Thompson to Geoffrey A. Cole and Hedy P. Smith, $825,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10649-Nathaniel E. and Lisa M. Titman to Justin Lucas, $360,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5121, No. 9-Brandon James Kappert and acreage of Edward L. Waddell to Ezequiel M. and Heather M. Rolon, $475,000.

River Rock Way, 7716-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Sheldon and Victoria M. Switzer, $475,510.

Shepherd Sq., 6078, No. K-86-Michael J. and Lynnea Joy Culhane to Kimberley Anne Jenkins, $270,000.

Trotting Ridge Way, 10909, No. 9-10-Jessica L. and Amanda M. Wooten to Monique M. and Darryl A. Bullock, $272,000.

Ten Oaks Rd., 4123-James L. Skinner Jr. to Russell E. Geist, $520,000.

Butterfield Dr., 7805-Dan and Eugenia Ruta to Juan Jose Jimenez, $286,500.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7291, No. 10-Yanik I. Blackwood to Sandra L. Hoffman, $350,000.

Karas Walk, 6107-Edward A. and Meghan E. Marsh to Holritch and Stacey Rivette, $429,000.

Meadow Rose, 5907-Gloria Moon to Daniel Yongjune Ahn and Yun Hee Kim, $377,508.

Patuxent Oak Ct., 7729-Leon Richardson to Volkan Karayaz, $281,900.

Rising Star, 5901-Lysa Charles Johnson to Brittany L. and Jonathan W. Schwartz, $680,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6215, No. 103-Victoria J. Wendt to Jessica Leigh and Corey James Merrill, $170,000.

Stone Throw Way, 7140-Matthew and Jessica Schleigh to Rafael A. Perez Berrios, $305,000.

Brauerton Rd., 8900, No. 202-Barbara S. McKissick to Walter Norman and Fernanda DiPietro Pierce, $375,000.

Carls Ct., 8911, No. J-NVR Inc. to Seong, Juan Jun Bin, Kyong Joo and Kyong Yol Baik, $318,500.

College Ave., 4000-David and Kathrine Cahill to Garrett T. and Douglas A. Wildlake, $425,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8507, No. C-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer H. and Ray E. Kawata, $183,000.

Glen Willow Way, 5979-NVR Inc. to Jacob Zerbe and Lesley Difransico, $508,664.

Huntley Dr., 4633-Stevan D. and Suzanne R. Wright to Michael B. Goldgeier and Melissa J. Brachfeld, $682,000.

Lee Farm Ct., 4905, No. 107-Azm Parvez and Nilufa Hoque to Shibeshi Alemayehu Tadesse, $378,000.

Millers Way Dr., 2736-Cheryl M. Mason to Kristopher J. and Emily A. Hall, $679,000.

Orchard Dr., 4945-Jeffory W. and Elizabeth B. Owens to Tiffany Hill and Richard Stevens, $410,000.

Songsmith Lane, 4308-Stephen J. and Ellen R. Given to Jonathan David and Jamie E. Stavinski, $733,100.

Timber Hill Ct., 8504-Albert J. Neumann Jr. and acreage of Lois L. Neumann to Bhuwan Lal Kayastha and Taruna Uday Kumar Das, $495,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2451-NVR Inc. to Tae and Geeyeon Kim, $855,810.

Yorkshire Dr., 4702-Wayne E. and Cynthia A. Malone to Abhishek Lal and Alaina L. Henry, $509,000.

Maple Lawn Blvd. S., 8223-NVR Inc. to Vivek Sood, $997,500.

Point Ridge Dr., 12337-MB Highland Reserve Corp. to Kenneth Chiakun and Julia Ju Chuan Weng, $1.33 million.

Bold Ruler Ct., 3714-Jeannette M. Mills to Ryan Anthony and Kaitlin Sara Miller, $999,900.

Brinley Way, 7230-Alexander J. and Amanda L. White to Alizah and Jonathan W. Patterson, $415,000.

Long Days Ct., 13448-Drum Point Properties Corp. to Kristina Lynn and Brian McDermott, $760,000.

Willowwood Way, 8897-Katherine B. Brannan to Travis Crouse, $285,000.


Chessie Lane, 9425, No. 12-Milton Ballard Jr. to Justine Nichols, $320,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9141, No. 302-Edward H. Darlington to Julie Ann Hill, $241,000.

Kindler Rd., 7221-James R. Small and Alla Lychak to Maria Elena and Michael Patrick Vessels, $474,900.

Procopio Cir., 7247-Barbara and Karl George Thompson to Alex Nowell Sr., $255,000.

Summer Blossom Lane, 7520-Cheryl J. Wendal to Shannon Buscher, $246,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7589, No. C-Carl Bret and Debra J. Canterbury to Michael Bacigalupi, $168,000.

Hardy Rd., 17034-M. O. Properties Corp. to Mark and Kristine Hahn, $447,100.

Aladdin Dr., 8009-Frank John and Mignon Mildred Fellenz to Lauren J. and Brandon Hawken, $412,600.

Deer Run, 9810-Beazer Homes Corp. to Daksha and Tushar Patel, $614,766.

Eddy Line Lane, 9411-Daniel S. and Michelle R. Jacobs to Zhi Qin and Bao Zhu Chen, $385,000.

Kendal Cir., 9326-Diane M. Bachek to Sally A. Berko and Ayobami Akinjero, $325,000.

Moonshine Hollow, 9090, No. L-Betty A. Carneal to Shari D. Forbes, $175,000.

Sewall Ave., 9407-Rodolfo B. Hernandez and Sokhamala Say to Fahad M. Khan, $480,000.

Terrapin Creek Rd., 2039-Catonsville Homes Corp. to Thomas A. and Elizabeth R. Dunn, $888,920.

Tall Ships Dr., 14055-Eric P. and Arathi D. Almli to Michael C. and Torie Grant, $765,000.

Fairlane Rd., 1011-NVR Inc. to Matthew and Christina Moran, $889,800.

Galaxy Dr., 15324-NVR Inc. to Michael and Katie Bosica, $905,424.

Opel Adam 2020
 Price and Release date

Opel Adam 2020

Chambers Ct., 11180, No. R-Robert W. Kinsey to Rudolph A. and Helen A. Weber, $300,000.

Opel Adam 2020 Specs And Review – Opel Adam 2020
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Opel Adam 2020

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Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
New Review

Opel Adam 2020
 Release Date

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
 Specs and Review

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
Price and Review

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
Release Date

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020

Opel Adam 2020
 Release Date

Opel Adam 2020

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 PriceOpel Adam 2020
 ModelOpel Adam 2020
 Speed TestOpel Adam 2020
 ConfigurationsOpel Adam 2020
 PriceOpel Adam 2020
 ConceptOpel Adam 2020
 Redesign and ReviewOpel Adam 2020
 EngineOpel Adam 2020
 PerformanceOpel Adam 2020
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 ConfigurationsOpel Adam 2020
 Performance and New EngineOpel Adam 2020
 PerformanceOpel Adam 2020